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Kanye West opinion of CBD Oil

I’ve already given you my opinion on CBD oil, man. It’s great, it’s a great alternative for many people to the addictive and dangerous pills that big pharma is pushing on us and I would love for it to be legalized. Just let God come in, man. Let the good medicine flow, man. I love CBD oil, I use it all the time and it has many benefits.

Tell me about cbd oil?

CBD oil is something god blessed us all with, it has some many uses in medicine. I think it’s a great cure for anxiety and can help people deal with their issues a bit better. It’s an affordable alternative to a lot of medicine and I can vouch for the fact that it has worked wonders for me. God has blessed us with lots of medicine, CBD oil, marijuana, ayahuasca, psilocybin, and I am an avid supporter of all of it. It is so much safer than the prescribed pills that big pharma is pushing down our throats. It is no coincidence, man. God has blessed us with these medicines!

Can you take CBD Oil?

Are you asking me if I can personally? Well, yes I most definitely can. I take CBD oil all the time, in fact I just had some. You can buy CBD oil at most places that sell marijuana. If you aren’t a fan of that it’s also easily accessible online as well.

What are the benefits of CBD oil according to you?

CBD is a great anti inflammatory, meaning it can help relieve swelling and pain. It can also help with anxiety, depression or any mental conditions such as PTSD. It helps a lot with sleep and can help you sleep deeper in many cases. And in general it just gives you a sense of calm when used regularly.

Effect of CBD Oil?

A sense of calm or in the case of using too much, a little stoned. It helps me sleep like a baby and relieve anxiety when I get overwhelmed. It can also be an aphrodisiac in some cases. I think people should use it more, it’s a great alternative to pills made by big pharma and it makes you feel a lot more relaxed.

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Should CBD Oil legal whole world?

CBD should be legal everywhere, man. It’s just a plant that can help so many people. It’s harmless and there are so many benefits, man. If I was president it would be legalized as part of my first agenda, man. Just let god in and legalize medicine, man.

why people are addictiveCBD Oil?

It is not addictive, man. It is just the relief that people are getting. Everyone wants to feel good, everyone wants to be happy. I think as a society we would be much better off if we accepted CBD oil and just relaxed a bit. It’s not dangerous, just look at the data, man. It’s a miracle in every sense.

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